3 Steps To Get Max Utilities License Code For Free
How to get free license code for Max Utilities

This page describes step-by-step instructions on how to get Max Utilities Free License. The whole process is easy, what you need to do is to recommend and share Max Utilities, and then contact us. For details, please check the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Log onto your Gmail and recommend Max Utilities

  1. Click www.gmail.com, use your Username and Password to sign in.
    New to Gmail? Click here to create an account. After that, please sign in.
    Gmail is an email servie provided by Google.
  2. Click on the following g+1 to recommend Max Utilities product pages.

Web pages for recommendation:

  1. maxutilities.com:
  2. dlltool.com:
  3. dllsuite.net:
  4. vsksoft.com:
  5. whatisdll.com:
  6. windowserrorfixer.com:
  7. dllrepairtool.com:
  8. windows-dll.com:
  9. dllsuitecrack.com:
  10. dlldownloadfree.com:
  11. vsksoft.com/dllsuite:
  12. dlltool.com/free:
  13. dllsuite.net/free:

Step 2: Share Max Utilities to Facebook and Twitter

  1. Log onto your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  2. Back to Max Utilities homepage by clicking www.maxutilities.com
  3. Share the page to Facebook and Twitter on the 3 Steps for Free License Code section

Step 3: Contact us

Please contact us at support@vsksoft.com after your have done the above 2. Do remember to include the following in your email for us to check.

  1. Gmail account: e.g. john.smith@gmail.com
  2. Accounts of Facebook and Twitter: e.g. http://www.facebook.com/john.smith and http://twitter.com/john.smith

Important Note:

You will receive 1 license code that can be applied to 3 PCs after confirmation. As usual, you will get it within 24 hours (Not include weekends). If you want to receive license as soon as possible, please follow our Facebook and Twitter.