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What to Do When a Computer Crashes

Most computer users have experienced this problem during the life of their machine. You might be playing games or doing some work. suddenly your machine freezes and nothing moves no matter what you do.

You probably at this stage will also experience what is known as the blue screen of death or BSOD. In other words, your PC or laptop has crashed.

To put it mildly, they are just frustrating and will cost you time and money when important deadlines are not being met.

The important question is to understand why your computer is crashing. The answer for system crashes, will pont in the majority of cases to a corrupt registry or a virus being downloaded without the user's knowledge.

Unfortunately, today with the age of the internet, computers and tablets, the threat of hackers and viruses is so widespread.

In the matter of a corrupt registry, this is very common problem and it happens because over a time, we add and remove new applications. Unfortunately this is not done properly.

This builds up resulting in files and data becoming corrupted. The crash occurs become your computer system is trying to protect the data on the machine.

Another reason for the problems, is that your hard drive runs can out of memory. All systems need a percentage of memory to run at their best, but as games and applications become more complex, they also take up more space.

Therefore when you are trying to run multiple applications, crashes can occur because of the reason already explained.

Hardware and software can also create problems because of incompatibility. This can happen when upgrades are installed. Driver problems can also add to these particular problems.

I must point out that if you intend to fix the problems yourself, please make sure that you know what you are doing. You can compound the problems seriously if you get it wrong. You could in the end getting your hard drive wiped and losing vital and important data.

Most of the problems associated with a computer crash can be sorted by implementing the use of a quality registry cleaner, on a regular basis. The one that we recommend is Max Utilities and there is a link below where you can avail yourself of a free scan.

The software is easy to use and you don't have to become a computer expert to use it. I recommend it because it has worked for me.

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