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What is best registry cleaner for your PC

There are so many different registry cleaners on the market, that it can be an incredibly difficult choice to know which one is going to help you fix your computer the most. This is a big problem, because it means that you don't know if the cleaner you are using is actually going to help your PC.

Luckily, we've been testing many different registry cleaners and have found one which works very well.

The problem with many registry cleaners is that they aren't powerful enough to find the most problems on your computer. You see, all registry tools have been created to do the same job - to fix a part of your system called the registry.

The registry is a big database which stores all sorts of information and settings about your PC, allowing your computer to remember things like your desktop background and your Internet favorites, each time you start up your computer.

The registry is so important for your PC, that it's actually overused and causes many of your biggest computer problems.

The registry has so many important files inside, that Windows is forever opening and editing 100's of registry files at once. This makes it extremely confused, leading it to save many of these files in the wrong way, making them corrupt and damaged.

And when this happens, your computer has an incredibly difficult task of having to decipher these files before it can read them, making it slow down dramatically.

This is a big problem which affects every Windows computer, and is only getting worse and worse... because Windows is unable to fix the corrupt registry files itself, leading it to just build up more and more of the corrupt ones.

Registry cleaners have been created to scan through the registry database and fix any of the issues that are in there. This means that in order to clean out the registry in the most effective way, you need to be able to use a cleaner which can find and fix the most registry problems.

And unfortunately, many of the cleaners out there are simply not powerful enough to find the most problems on your PC, leading them to try and remove many healthy registry files. This can cause major problems with your computer, such as making it unable to boot up.

Having tested all the most popular registry cleaners, we've found that a tool called Max Utilities works the best. Max Utilities is one of the latest registry cleaners on the market, having only been released in early 2009.

However, it's already one of the most popular tools, with 100's of downloads a day. It's become so popular thanks to several advanced features, which make it able to scan and fix the most problems inside your PC.

These features were designed to work with the latest versions of Windows (Windows 8) and include an advanced scanning engine and a complete backup facility.

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