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How your computer Windows registry works?

The Windows registry is at the core of your computer, it harbors information required to configure the system for one or multiple users, and hardware devices. The Windows registry of your computer comprises of information that is referenced often during operation like installation of applications on your computer, profiles for different users, the hardware that is found on your computer and the ports that are in use.

The registry is an important segment of Windows; if it is damaged, the entire system could be corrupted and may not be usable again. For this issue to be resolved, you will require to clean the registry of redundant entries and get your PC optimized.

Why you need a registry cleaner

The registry is a storehouse for information concerning a PC's configuration. This storage location of your PC grows rapidly as Windows is used; in the process, it attracts obsolete and redundant information and becomes cluttered and fragmented with the passage of time. As this happens the entire performance of the PC will be retarded and a lot of other software problems will be experienced.

With a registry cleaner, you can carry out a safe cleaning and repair of the database of your computer just by few mouse clicks. The common causes of Windows' slow performance, error messages and crashes can easily be treated with a good registry cleaner.

The software will carry out complete analysis of the registry entries with the threat levels and offer you cleaning option subsequently. There is also safe back up in the repair process so that you can revert changes made if you desire to do so.

Custom scan is one of the great features of PC tools that allow you choose what to scan and what not to scan. Instead of automatic scanning of the whole computer system, the custom scan gives you the opportunity to scan only the segments of the registry you choose why leaving out the rest till the time desired by you. Some of the programs also come with customer support features to help you when you are stuck on the way and need help.

In all, registry cleaner is the best PC tool for optimizing the speed of your PC and improving the general performance of your computer system.

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