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We want something that is free or something that saves us money. This attitude is mirrored in every part of our lives, it goes without saying. So, when we are looking to download registry cleaner software it is only natural that the same applies.

Most of us automatically go for the first free software we come across; unfortunately this is a very big mistake the majority of times. I am going to let you in on some secrets as to why the freeware is not always the best way to go.

Let me set the records straight firstly.

I do not believe that all freeware is bad. You are obviously trying to discover which programs are safer in general and in my humble opinion it is the professional software, the one that you have to invest a small amount of money into.

Here are some down sides to freeware;

Most of the free software you will have to download from websites that are very questionable.
Free programs will quite often contain spyware, viruses, Trojans, nasty bugs and other malware.
Free utilities are only updated when the developer of the program has some spare time to come back to it, if ever!
Where is the incentive to go back and start updating a product that you have given away free?
There is no financial support to back up a free registry cleaner.
Many of the free programs have been totally abandoned for many years due to this simple fact.
You have very little legal recourse with free cleaners, if you happen to come across a problem of any kind.
Most people have no idea who the owners or developers are when downloading a free registry cleaner.
Free software has been distributed all over the internet so you might never be able to hunt down the creator should you come up against a problem of any kind.
In my experience all of the free ones seem to be lacking in one way or another.
Okay free is free, we all understand that but, there are a unique set of risks which go hand in hand with free.

You have no idea what you are getting.
You do not really know who it is coming from.
You may as well give up your right to legal recourse if a problem occurs.
Why take a risk with the most volatile and most important part of your computer?

When you buy a registry cleaner;

Some of the money you pay for a registry cleaner is going to go back in to the product and the developer.
It will assist them in the supporting and updating of the software that you have bought.
Restore option is one thing that you will find on all good professional software.
This will return your PC to the stage before you applied the cleaner.
This option exists as a fail safe, it really is good news if you are the owner of a registry cleaning utility.
When you spend a little money on a cleaner you always download it from the developer's site.
This means you can come back to the exact same place to contact them in case of emergencies.
You can also return for a little extra knowledge.
Hopefully you can see now why free registry cleaners are not the best option?

Download registry cleaner software - conclusion;

It is true that things can go wrong when cleaning your computers registry regardless of whether you are computer savvy or a complete newbie, also regardless of whether you are using a free registry cleaner or a repair tool that you have spent money on. It is up to you if you want to pay a few bucks and be safe or if you choose to go the free route. There are good and bad in free registry cleaners, only more bad, there are good and bad in professional ones too, only more good.

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