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Frequently Asked Questions of Registry Cleaner

Question 1:

What can be the problem with a slow PC using Windows XP with good running antivirus and spyware program?


If you have an effective anti-spy and antivirus programs and your system is still slowing down, then there is only one possible problem and that is the registry. When the registry of your computer is faulty or corrupted, it can slow your computer down and cause other issues such as freezes and crash to occur.

Question 2:

So, what is the remedy to the Windows registry issue?


The most effective and suitable tool for getting rid of errors from your computer registry, to optimize the speed of your PC is registry cleaner. You need to research for a good product that will offer you the best result. Some of the programs are free while others are obtained by paying a token fee. The truth is that the fee-attached programs are more effective than most free programs.

Some of the fee-attached software come with free trial versions to enable you verify the claims on the program before deciding to get the full version. With the right program, you will scan your computer system for errors and obsolete files and subsequently clean them up to optimize your computer machine.

Question 3:

What happens if I lose any file in the cleaning process?


You don't need to be afraid of losing any vital file in your system. A good number of the software are built with backup feature that will backup- the registry to ensure that files are restored in situation when errors occurred or when you wish to revert the changes made. However, you need to find out if this feature is present in the program you want to use before ever downloading it. Carry out an extensive research on the good features to look out in registry cleaners to aid you make the best selection.

Question 4:

What other essential feature should I look out in a registry cleaner?


Ensure that the program is compatible with the Windows in your system; otherwise you may end up creating more problems on your computer system. Some of the software such as Max Utilities is compatible with virtually all windows platform (XP, 2008, 2000, Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. etc). But you need to verify before launching out.

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