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Can Max Utilities help computer run faster?

Max Utilities is another in a long line of registry cleaners who all claim to be the best. Of course, some of these programs that are making this claim are really not very good at all.

I am a computer technician who uses registry cleaners all the time and I have certainly used Max Utilities enough to be able to give you a very fair review of this product.

While Max Utilities is known as a registry cleaner, it is actually quite a bit more. This software program gets the corruption out of a Windows registry and also will protect your PC from spyware and viruses. So, it is actually a registry cleaner/spyware cleaner/virus protection program. On top of this, as the announcer on the TV or radio commercial would say, "But wait, there's more!"

It is also a driver scanner

Max Utilities also performs duties as a driver scanner. In case you don't know what a driver scanner is, it is a program that will scan your PC's device drivers and will let you know if any of them are outdated. If any of them are, it gives you a chance to replace the outdated driver with the newest version of the driver from a vast database of device drivers it has onboard. A good device driver scanner will actually let you do this right from inside the interface of the program.

So not only can you clean your registry and also get rid of spyware and viruses, but from the same interface, you can update your device drivers. So the question is; does it do any of this stuff very well? The answer to this question, from my experience, is yes it does. There is no doubt this software package will usually be very helpful when used on a computer that have been having problems

Very good value, reasonably priced

I find Max Utilities's registry cleaner to be as good as any other I have ever found. It is very important to me that it functions flawlessly and that it also is compatible with Windows 7 and 64-bit operating systems as well as still maintaining compatibility with 32-bit systems. This means it can be used on any of the newer Windows operating systems. So, I give its registry cleaner an A+!

I wouldn't put the virus cleaner in a category of the most sophisticated virus protection programs available but it does do the job. It also does the job of a spyware/adware cleaner quite admirably. When you take into consideration Max Utilities is reasonably priced, you have to consider the virus/spyware function of this program to be very cost-effective.

The device driver scanner function of Max Utilities contains approximately 400,000 replacement drivers. While this may sound like an incredible amount of device drivers and 400,000 is certainly an impressive number, there are driver scanners that claim to have as many as 10 million drivers in their database. Still, even though its database is relatively small, Max Utilities is still able to take care of most driver problems and therefore, it is actually a very soundly functioning driver scanner.

All in all it is hard to beat the value you get when you use Max Utilities. It has always worked very well for me and therefore, I have no problem recommending it.

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