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Registry repair software program

A quick search on Google shows that there are many registry repair software utilities on the market that can help you solve your registry repair needs. With all the many kinds of registry utility products on the market, how do you narrow the list down in order to choose the best registry cleaner to fit your needs?

First, it helps to know what some of the extra user features are which are currently being used in the top registry repair tools. It is here, in the extra features category, that the various registry cleaners are separated, one from the other. If you are going to get your money's worth from a product, you need to know what you're choices for buying are before you make the purchase.

One of the most important features that should come standard on a registry cleaner is a Full System Backup Control capability which can back up your full registry before you run a scan. This creates a back up of the current registry just in case something important is deleted from your registry during a scan and fix operation. With this feature, you can easily restore your system back to the original registry settings if your system should not respond properly or crash after a registry repair scan and cleaning. If the registry repair software that you are considering does not have this feature, you should look elsewhere.

Along with a competent backup feature, another good component to look for is a Program Start Up Manager. This feature will easily allow you to manage which programs start up on the boot sequence of your Windows PC. If you have programs that you don't use that often or are unnecessary for your system to start up at the beginning of your computing day, this program manager can help you eliminate these programs from the startup sequence, insuring an increase in the speed of your system boot.

For those who use the Windows Internet Explorer browser, it may be helpful to have a Browser Helper Objects Manager component in your registry cleaner. This feature allows you to keep or remove various objects that attach to the IE browser and start each time your browser is started. These items can include IE add-ons such as toolbars. In every case, removal of the item from the list will only prevent them from running when you open Internet Explorer but will not remove the actual application from your PC.

Many of the most popular registry utilities on the market today include a Add-Remove Program Manager. While this is not an absolutely essential item to have, it may come in handy to help you identify and remove phantom programs which remain visible in your Control Panel's Add/Remove list. This feature will remove these programs from that list so that the list projects exactly what is installed on your system. As with most of these kinds of tools, it will also restore any program to the list that you remove inadvertently or wish to reinstall.

For more ideas on what to consider when shopping the marketplace for a reliable and useful registry repair tool, the following article has additional considerations which you may find very helpful.

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