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How to repair registry errors

Windows registry issues can cause system crashes, slow performance and error messages. By using a registry cleaner program regularly, you can fix registry errors, thus making your system more stable and improving performance without expensive hardware upgrades.

If you do not fix registry problems, you may experience sudden crashes, system stalls, or very slow operating speed. Fixing registry issues should be a top priority if you want to have a pleasant computing experience.

There are several reasons why your registry can become corrupted or clogged with errors. This can happen if you frequently install or uninstall programs, or if you delete software instead of uninstalling it. Embedded spyware, adware or other programs that revive themselves with each boot can cause registry problems. Other things can cause issues with your Windows registry are if you have installed or uninstalled hardware or if you have unused but undeleted drivers on your system.

If your system is new, you may not be experiencing any of the issues associated with a clogged registry. But over time, as your system's registry grows larger, the registry can get corrupted or become littered with errors and empty destinations, especially as you continue to add and remove software, drivers, and hardware components.

With so many additions and deletions, the need for you to fix registry problems will become extremely important if you want your computer to continue to function properly. Without a good program to fix these registry issues, the state of your system will only grow worse. Thankfully, there are many free registry cleaners available online.

Registry cleaners scan the Windows registry for incorrect or obsolete entries and fix them, allowing your system to run faster and without errors. A couple of free registry cleaners available are Max Utilities and DLL Tool (

Both of these programs can repair or remove corrupt or obsolete registry entries with the click of a button. Max Utilities has received higher ratings by users than DLL Tool (, but both programs work well for what they were designed to do. Either one will help you eliminate your Windows registry problems and achieve a cleaner, faster system.

These free programs often will solve your problems and help your computer run faster. If these programs do not solve your problems and you continue to see error messages or you experience system crashes, you may want to invest in a premium registry cleaner program. These programs typically cost $20 to $50 and will normally solve the problems.

If you are not comfortable with using the free or paid registry cleaners, you can go to your locale computer superstore (like Best Buy or Circuit City) and have them run a registry cleaning diagnostic for you. This will typically cost you $85 to $150 depending on the package and the store you visit. You will be guaranteed to have a cleaner system that runs more efficiently.

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