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Repair Windows XP registry

If you are coming across the Windows XP registry for the first time since you have started using your computer, it does seem to be daunting.

One reason why people get scared when they hear tat there is some problem with the registry is because it keeps the computer running and any corruption to the Windows registry slows down the PC; it even leads to the blue screen of death.

All the software and hardware on a computer works using the entries they have made in the registry while installing the software or hardware. Any corruption to the registry prevents the system from running the software or the hardware.

In the same way invalid entries in the windows registry creates a lot of problems within the computer. Few of the problems are slow boot up, the blue screen of death, sluggish performance, freezes, and crashes and even the presence of a large number of error messages.

If this is the problems experienced then the cause is XP registry problems and a Win XP registry repair is necessary. Win XP registry repair is done using a Win XP registry repair tool.

But there are certain things to be taken care before Win XP registry repair tool is used. First thing to be done before sorting the registry is to create a restore point and backup the registry.

This becomes helpful if the Win XP registry repair tool damages the registry while the repair is happening. In such case the system can be restored and registry can be reverted from the backups.

To create a restore point in Win XP, go to start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Click on the create restore point, type a name for the restore point and advance to create. The next step is to backup the registry.

For this type REGEDIT in run from the start menu. Then click on file and on export and give the path were the backup is to be stored and wait till the backup is created.

The next step is to use the Win XP registry repair tool. The best option is to select the one click maintenance available on the Win XP registry repair tool and sit back and relax till the process in complete. After completion of the process restart the computer (optional) and find the difference in performance of your computer.

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