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The Windows registry is a large filing system that stores hundreds of important files that store the preferences and settings for your software and hardware. It's almost like the central nervous system of your computer. Windows constantly references the registry as you use your computer, and so having a clean registry will positively impact the overall performance of your PC.

How the registry gets cluttered

Unfortunately the Windows registry is notorious for getting cluttered and corrupted by a variety of causes. The most common cause of problems is when there is a buildup of temporary and obsolete files. These are often leftover files from software that has not been completely removed from your system during an uninstall procedure.

Registry files can also get corrupted and damaged by faulty installation processes as well as spyware and viruses.

How this causes problems

Having a cluttered registry is a lot like having a fan that is clogged with dust. The fan isn't slowing down because it's old in a chronological sense. It just needs to be cleaned out. The same is true of your computer. Computers tend to slow down over time as they are used because they get clogged and cluttered with a lot of leftover junk and extra files.

Using a registry cleaner is a great way to clean out your computer from all the useless temporary and unnecessary files that are bogging it down. There is no way you could do this manually on your own. Even if you knew exactly where to look it would still take hours upon hours to remove all the files.

Recommended software

There are a couple of good software programs that will allow you to quickly and easily scan your registry and clear out the useless entries.

Max Utilities is our favorite program because it's easy to use, fast, and isn't a memory hog. It's the most user-friendly and streamlined program that we've tested.

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