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How to speed up Microsoft Windows 7

There is nothing I hate more when using my computer than a slow harddrive. When I choose to perform a task on my computer, I simply don't want to wait for my computer to perform that task, I need it to be instantaneous.

It is for this reason that I decided to research a few methods to help speed up my Windows 7 Operating system. Here are the 3 best and simplest ways to speed up Windows 7.

Declutter Your Hard Drive

If you buy a new computer these days, you will find that it is loaded down with software that you don't want or need. For this reason, I recommend going into your control panel, select Programs, then select Remove programs. From here you can delete all of the programs that you never wanted in the first place.

Once you have deleted all of your unnecessary software, you will need to delete all the little file fragments that are left behind. Often, your control panel will not delete all of the .dll files and .exe files in all the programs.

Yet, your computer will spend time searching for those files in order to find the one that it's looking for. This is one of the main reasons your computer slows down.

For this reason, I strongly recommend a program called Max Utilities.

Previously called Maximum Utilities, this is an excellent software that will allow you to clean out all the leftover bits of software that is slowing your computer.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Fragmentation is the process when the computer writes files to disk without keeping everything together in one spot. In other words, if you just saved a large image you've created in Gimp, your image might be near the middle of the disk and the shortcut to the image might be near the end, which means it takes longer for the disk to find it. Bringing all the components required to perform the task that you need is one of the causes for your computer to slow down.

This is why you need to defragment your computer about once a month. You don't want to defragment your hard drive too frequently as this will cause additional strain on the mechanical components inside the computer and cause them to wear out sooner.

Get rid of your fancy wallpaper

You might not know this but photos from your brand new 12 megapixel digital camera are not the best for your wallpaper. Every time your computer needs to perform an activity, it literally has to redraw your wallpaper. This takes considerable resources away from your everyday computing tasks. While your graphics card is working on redrawing your wallpaper, it is not working on the task that you need it to.

Consider using the wallpapers and themes that are included with your Windows 7 operating system.

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