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Are you one of these people that don't really spend time cleaning your computer up? And after a while your computer starts to freeze up, error screens start to appear and it crashes. Don't be like me and let it get to that stage. You could have some potentially dangerous corrupt file that will do a lot of harm to your computer.

I would say it is advisable to clean out the computer at least three or four times a week just to be safe because of surfing the internet. Dangerous trojans and worms can find there way onto your desktop. Be careful when installing things. I feel Firefox is an excellent browser to use and it warns you when harmful things do try to come on. It also has a troubleshooting section where you can restart and this gets it running like new. If you look after your computer you can find programs on it that really help to speed up and take care of any potential threats. It isn't necessary to take the computer to a store in the high street as they will only do what you can do at home and then very often you have wasted the money.

I don't know if you are aware of it but there is a program on the computer called defrag. What this does is clean up the whole computer. The files can break into smaller pieces and get changed around, moved and a lot of good stuff can get ruined. Files can become corrupt and this can lead to an eventual breakdown of your system. So it is a good Idea to do this on a regular basis.

To access Defrag

Click on start. Then in the search box, type in disk fragmenter.

click on this

A box will come up and you click on defragment.

It may take a while, depending on how often you do it. This is really important to do often just to keep anything from slowing down your computer.

Another thing if you go to the start menu and go to control panel. Then internet options. You click on browsing history to delete any cookies that might be making your computer run slower

Windows updates

Always check that your computer is fully updated because a lot of these offer a lot of protection and they can help to keep harmful virus's at bay and at least recognize what is going onto your computer.

for windows updates click on start

Type windows updates

Start windows updates and click OK

When an update finishes you have to restart your computer so that it brings many of the things into working order.

A registry cleaner

After doing all this you must clean your registry. If you think of your computer like a large library. Everything is stored on the c drive in this case. If you install or uninstall the computer is obviously effected by these changes so a lot of files get mixed up. There can also be corrupt files there and if left untreated can lead to a crash of your system and costly repairs.

The boot section is another thing that can very often do with being cleared up. Unless you know what you are doing you can end up paying costly repairs and very often being overcharged.

Programs on your computer can start up when you turn on the computer. It isn't necessary to have them all starting at once, Since you will be using unnecessary memory and this can lead to your computer boot slowing down.

To disable some of these click start

In the start box type ms config

Read their descriptions and check any programs you don't need. The ones to check are usually messengers printers and games.

Get yourself a good antivirus and spyware software. Don't skip this step as virus checkers are important. Many people have many of these but you just need a good one and one for malware. But do check it out on Google. I have found they can conflict with each other if you have too many on and that can cause another set of problems.

Then last of all run the registry cleaner. I have found a good one called Max Utilities, which downloads within two minutes. It is also backed up by lots of awards, It uses the stay safe technology and this means the computer is 100% safe and doesn't contain any threats. After doing all this you should have a computer that is restored once more and if you look after it you will run it for years. I have had mine for over five years now it is still running like new.

Benefits to Max Utilities. It downloads in two minutes, unclutters registry, Repairs blue screen, Active X errors, Dll errors, boosts your computer, Fixes pc crashes, stops frustrating error messages, If you are having problems with a slow running computer this is the perfect solution for you and best of all it`s free to try.

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